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The History of Jack Pine

By Oscar Lenz

The Lansing Motorcycle Club, one of the real pioneers in the field of organizing motorcycle riders for the purpose of enjoying to the fullest the great sport of motorcycling, was brought in to being in the early spring of 1920 by a small group of hardy cyclists that had been riding together since the close of the first World War. Motorcycling had "caught on" with the returning soldiers and our Club soon became a good-sized organization. Hill-climbing was the new motorcycle thrill of the day and most every Sunday morning you would see a long string of motorcycles, in formation, headed out of Lansing for some hill-climb event. Sidecars were the popular combination then, perhaps the lack of good roads or was it to carry lunch? Anyway, they were always out in great numbers on our trips with the deluxe family-size job, capable of holding two adults and half a dozen kids, attracting special attention. Equipped with a top to ward off the hot sun or a sudden shower. 3" tires and rear wheel brakes only (such as they were). On one of our trips to Jackson over Fifty Machines were in line - and they all got there and back again as no one was left behind. Our first hill climb was held on the hogsback a mile south of Holt. Then we used Hellers Hill on Cavanaugh Road for several years and also held one climb in the gravel pit off East Kalamazoo Street. Next, we used Doyles Hill on the Mason-Dansville Road for a number of years until they ruled this out for blocking traffic as we had to start on the highway. At all these events our only revenue was the nickels and dimes the girls were able to collect for the tags they sold to the crowd. Our next hill-climb development was at "Big Skeeter" where a tremendous amount of work was required to first clear the hill of trees and then grade the course and later laying out the T.T. Track. During the hay-days of hill-climbing the old skipper and "Tornado carried the colors of our club to events near and far, including the national championship events at Rochester, New York and Muskegon and climbs at Louisville, Ky., Pittsburgh, PA., Akron, Oh., Milwaukee, Canada and may other points.

For many years our meetings were held at membersí homes and in parks in the vicinity and the motorcycle shops. Our first club house was located in the rear of the bike shop on South Cedar Street. This got to be too small and the Old Gun Club, on the site of the Oldsmobile Forge Plant, was arranged thru Mr. R.E. Olds. We next moved to a small club house on East Michigan Avenue located on the old practice golf course. This was sold and moved away . Then to the present Jack Pine Lodge north of the city.

These were also the days of motorcycle polo and we had a fine team, playing all over the state and winning most of our games. This sport became so popular that we were asked to play an exhibition game on Michigan Avenue in front of the capitol during one of the city celebrations. We held one Class A race meet and lost plenty. When Class C racing was started in the early 30ís our club took the lead in Michigan and held many successful events on the old East Lansing track. During this same period several Gypsy Tours were held in Lansing with the first of the State championship class C races held in connection with the tours.

If You Have Historical Information to Share

Our historical records have some gaps. The Lansing Motorcycle club is looking for pictures, stories and results from the Jack Pine events in the following years:

1923, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1929, 1933, 1972, 1981, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1999, 2006 and 2007.

If you have information from these events, we are very interested in reviewing a copy of this Cowbell history.

Please contact Mike Maurer at

 Former Jack Pine Enduro Champions
2022 Logan Densmore
2021 D. Aaron Wegner
2019 Tyler Vore
2018 Tyler Vore
2017 Corey Parlin
2016 Corey Parlin
2015 Kailub Russell
2014 Cody Mastin
2013 Jesse Warner
2012 Jesse Warner
2011 Nick Fahringer
2010 Charlie Mullins Yamaha 2009 Leonard "Leroy" Keen KTM 2008 Blair Bersano Yamaha 2007 Chris "Skippy" Gallt KTM
2006 Blair Bersano Kawasaki 2005 Mike Lafferty KTM 2004 Blair Bersano Suzuki 2003 Blair Bersano Suzuki 2002 Mike Lafferty KTM
2001 Scott Luca KTM 2000 Scott Luca KTM 2000 Scott Luca KTM 1999 Blair Bersano Suzuki 1998 Scott Luca KTM
1997 Alan Randt KTM 1996 Alan Randt KTM 1995 Mike Lafferty KTM 1994 Shawn Luca Kawasaki 1993 Steve Hatch Suzuki
1992 Alan Randt KTM 1991 Jeff Fredette Kawasaki 1990 Alan Randt KTM 1989 Jeff Russell Yamaha 1988 Randy Hawkins Suzuki
1987 Rick Sharphorn KTM 1986 Terry Cunningham Husqvarna 1985 Terry Cunningham Husqvarna 1984 Mike Melton Husqvarna 1983 Terry Cunningham Husqvarna
1982 Terry Cunningham Husqvarna 1981 Jeff Fredette Suzuki 1980 Darrel Kuenzer KTM 1979 Bob Popiel Husqvarna 1978 Bill Cantron KTM
1977 Dave Lipovsky Husqvarna 1976 Bob Popiel Husqvarna 1975 Dave Lipovsky Husqvarna 1974 Jim Fortune Husqvarna 1973 John Clark Husqvarna
1972 Robert Hartman Husqvarna 1971 Ron Bohn Husqvarna 1970 Ron Bohn Husqvarna 1969 John Penton Husqvarna 1968 William Baird Triumph
1966 John Penton BMW 1965 William Decker Greeves 1964 Roger Kussmaul Triumph 1963 Berl Wieland Mat 1962 John Wright Triumph
1961 Lewis Akinson Triumph 1960 John Penton NSU 1959 Sal Scirpo Triumph 1958 John Penton NSU 1957 Gerald McGovern HD
1956 Leroy Winters HD 1955 Sal Scripo Triumph 1954 William Penton BSA 1953 Don Pink HD 1952 Frank Piasecki BSA
1951 Joe Gee Triumph 1950 Gerald McGovern HD 1949 Burt Cummins HD 1948 Earl Flanders AJS 1947 Claude Goulding SA-HD
1946 Claude Goulding BSA 1941 Don Loucks HD 1940 Ted Konecny HD 1939 William Muehlenbeck HD 1938 Ted Konecny HD
1937 William Muehlenbeck HD 1936 Oscar Lenz HD 1935 Oscar Lenz HD 1934 Ray Tursky HD 1933 Dan Raymond HD
1932 Dan Raymond HD 1931 Dan Raymond HD 1930 William Davidson HD 1929 Dan Raymond HD 1928 Dan Raymond HD
1927 Oscar Lenz HD 1926 Oscar Lenz HD 1925 Oscar Lenz HD 1924 Alva Ponds Indian 1923 Oscar Lenz HD
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